Business Signage- How It Can Grab Your Market’s Attention Effectively

Business signs are the easiest way to tell potential customers about your brand. Strategically designed, meticulously fabricated and professionally installed business signage grabs your market’s attention and communicates your message effectively.

On-location business signs include storefronts, monument or post and panel signs, awnings, and pole and pylon signs. These can serve as business identification or promote products, services, seasonal/special events, sales, and other promotions.

Signage for your outdoor spaces helps reach customers who are out and about in public. Whether you’re welcoming them to your space or helping them navigate it, having clean, well-lit signage helps shape your visitor’s first impression of your business.

Architectural signs are built into the architecture of a designed structure and become part of its design, making them both practical and pleasing to the eye. They can stand alone, be attached to a pole or wall or even be integrated into the floor of a building.

Pylon signs are tall, freestanding structures that can be single or dual-sided and display multiple advertisements. They are a popular choice for businesses located near streets, major highways and freeways, where visibility is essential. They can also be internally illuminated for enhanced visibility.

A business’s interior signage is not only a branding opportunity, it also serves to improve the customer experience. This is why it is so important to use a quality sign maker when designing your interior business signs.

Studies have shown that customers make quality assumptions about businesses based on their signage. When your business has a clean, crisp and attractive sign, it communicates that you value and care for your customers.

Unlike static signs that only display the company name and logo, digital messages can be updated at will. This is one of the most effective ways to attract impulse traffic and drive sales. If you’re looking to boost your brand awareness, consider investing in a custom digital message center. It’s sure to help your Cincinnati business stand out from the competition.

The windows of your business are a perfect spot to get noticed with effective signage. They can help you promote your business’s product or service to your customers in a way that other marketing tools like billboards cannot.

Window graphics can include a number of different types. For example, contour cut window vinyl can feature text or graphics in a font and style of your choice. This can be used to display sales, your company’s hours or any other relevant information.

Frosted window vinyl is translucent and allows light to pass through while providing privacy to offices or retail areas. Full cover window graphics are also popular and can be used to display photographic imagery or promotional messaging. They are commonly used in venue windows for events, theaters and museums.

Directional signs are an integral part of a comprehensive wayfinding system, providing clear and concise messaging to help people find their way. They can be indoor or outdoor, and may incorporate branding elements like a company name or logo to reinforce the brand.

ADA and other compliance signs are an important category of directional signage, as they provide crucial information about accessibility, safety and more. These signs are a mandatory component of any business or public space, and can be mounted using standoffs, screws or adhesive.

Directional and arrow signs are essential for any location that is unfamiliar to visitors, especially in large spaces. They can be as simple as a plaque at a junction point sending people left or right, or as comprehensive as colored lines on the floor leading to specific destinations.

LEDs (light emitting diodes) are a highly efficient electronic light source that is brighter, lasts longer and consumes less energy than standard light bulbs. They also generate less heat and are more flexible.

Also called digital signs, electronic message centers and reader boards, LED displays are programmable to showcase text, simple graphics and animations or videos! They are available in monochrome, tri-color and full-color versions.

Studies have shown that businesses that use programmable LED signs increase revenue, and the cost of an on-premise sign can be recovered within three to 15 months. A programmable LED sign is an excellent way to capture the attention of passing traffic.

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